Crest of Kappa Tau Gamma

Kappa Tau Gamma (ΚΤΓ), also known as "Kappa Tau" or "KT" is a fraternity in Cyprus-Rhodes University. It is well known for being the black sheep of the panhellenic system at CRU because of its reputation of being based heavily on socializing. KT is the rival house of Omega Chi Delta. KT is well known for breaking campus rules and gets excited about the challenge that comes from new rules that are put in place. During the day, KT is one of quietest fraternities on campus because all residents in the house follow a napping schedule.

Although KT is infamous for having its annual rush party, the members of KT don't attempt to impress and recruit pledges like most fraternities do. Instead, KT believes in what the members call, karmic-synergy, which is the belief that the people, who rightfully belong in KT, will come to them. Another unique trait of KT is that the actives give their pledges their own nicknames. Occasionally, a pledge's KT nickname will be their actual name, such as with Ben Bennet, Wade and Anthony Hopkins.


Name Nickname Status Position
Captain John Paul Jones Cappie Alumni President (formerly)
Rusty Cartwright Spitter Active


Rush Chair (formerly)

Pledge Educator (formerly)

Walter Boudreaux Beaver Active Philanthropy Chair
Heath Anderson None/Doc/Dopey Active

IFC Delegate

Social Chair

Jeremy Unknown Expelled None
Wade Matthews Wade Expelled

Rush Chair (formerly)

Pledge Educator (formerly)

Ben Bennett Ben Bennett Active (hasn't been seen since his sophomore year) Pledge President (formerly)
Peter Parkes Spidey Pledge Pledge
Egyptian Joe Egyptian Joe Alumni President (formerly)
Lasker Parkes Brother Falcon Alumni Inventor of 'Joshua Whopper'
Anthony Hopkins Anthony Hopkins Active None
Jake Woodchuck Active None
Unknown Arrowhead Active None
Brad Gonzo Active None
Unknown Pickle Active None
Unknown Dump Truck Active None
Evan Chambers Bing De-pledged Pledge
Andy Andy-licious De-pledged Pledge
Mickey Scoobella Scooby De-pledged (Dropped out of school) Pledge



Best of Kappa Tau - The Guys

Best of Kappa Tau - The Guys

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