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Frannie Morgan
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Frannie Morgan is a recurring character in the series. She is a graduate of Cyprus-Rhodes University. She was the president of both CRU chapters of Zeta Beta Zeta and Iota Kappa Iota. During her time with ZBZ, she was the big sister of Casey Cartwright. She was determined and ruthless when it came to making ZBZ the best sorority at CRU and making her chapter the best in the country.

Chapter One[]

At the beginning of the season, Frannie is president of the ZBZ sorority. Frannie tells Casey that she will hand her presidentship to her if she can get Rebecca Logan to bid ZBZ. When Casey finds out that Evan cheated on her with Rebecca, Frannie tells her to stay with Evan, as her chances of being president depend on them having the Omega Chi's on their side.

In episode 9, Casey and Frannie compete against each other for the tile of Omega Chi sweetheart, which causes a rift in their relationship. When Casey wins the title, Frannie also announces that she is staying to complete a fifth year at CRU.

In the chapter finale, after Jen K's article in the student newspaper exposing the Greeks causes a national representative of ZBZ, Tagen, to visit the house, Frannie insists that the best defense is to lie. However, Casey is worried that the house might be shut down, so she confesses to Tagen about the role the sorority had in the article. Frannie is removed as President, and Casey is appointed as interim in her place. In retaliation, Frannie convinces Evan that Casey is only with him for his social standing, and he breaks up with her.

Chapter Two[]

In episode 15, Casey finds out about a past kind act of Frannie in her freshman year, which persuades her to reinstate Frannie at ZBZ.

Casey lets Frannie move back into the house and they begin to rebuild their friendship. While Casey is trying to move on from Evan, Frannie attempts to get closer to him.

In the season finale, while at Myrtle Beach, Evan is drawn to Frannie. Eventually they start hooking up, but Frannie doesn't want to hide their relationship from Casey.

At a alumni convention, Frannie gets a vote overturned so she can run against Casey for ZBZ president whilst dating Evan. The two go head to head with the presidency but end up losing to a unanimous vote for Ashleigh.

Chapter Three[]

Unhappy with the results of the vote, Frannie secretly works to get girls to deactivate from ZBZ to a new, unofficial sorority under her creation and Evan's funding--Iota Kappa Iota, also known as IKI or the Ikkies. Frannie's ultimate goal for the IKI house is to be the #1 house on campus, but it ends up being a lot harder than she expected.

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