Egyptian Joe was the president of the Cyprus-Rhodes University chapter of Kappa Tau Gamma. During his time at KT, he was big brother of Cappie. He was also creator of the Vesuvius.


Egyptian Joe was very similar to his grand-little brother, Rusty Cartwright, as he was not close to any of his pledge brothers. When he was a pledge, he created the Vesuvius all by himself and told the KT actives that he and his pledge brothers built it together. At unknown time Egyptian Joe was made president of Kappa Tau.

He was still president when Cappie and Evan Chambers were freshmen and came to the annual KT rush party. He was impressed with Cappie's drinking, but not Evan, who tried to impress him by mentioning that he was a Chambers. Later on, Egyptian Joe gave Walter Boudreaux the nickname, Beaver, and Evan the nickname, Bing. Evan asked him why he was given the nickname Bing. Joe told him that nickname doesn't matter, but after Evan continued to pester him; Joe told him the truth. He explained to Evan that Bing is a combination of bid and ding because the brothers were on the fence about sending him a bid. He continued saying that they wanted Cappie to pledge and realized that Cappie would never pledge KT if they didn't include him so that's why he received a bid.

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